What To Do After An Accident

When it comes to a car accident you want to make sure that you take action to both care for yourself, get your vehicle repaired and take any legal action that you can.  When it comes to most auto accidents, most people will say that they are not hurt so bad and will just want to get their vehicles fixed.  This is not what you need to do.  What you need to do is contact a car accident lawyer hernando county fl specialist as soon as possible so you can ensure that you are not taken advantage of and everything is covered.

Wait for medical attention

Don’t get out of your vehicle or attempt to leave the scene.  When you are in an accident it is important that you don’t move and possibly injure yourself or change anything that could change the results of the police investigation.  When it happens, just sit tight.

Call the police

It doesn’t matter what happens or who is involved but you need to contact the police.  The police will need to document what happened, take pictures and really document everything.  This not only covers you but everyone involved as well.

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When the police arrive, even if you are at fault, you will need to give them as much information that you possibly can.  At the end of the investigation you will get a report number.  Make sure that you go and get a report.

Don’t push yourself

Don’t push yourself after an accident.  At the beginning you may feel fine or that you are not hurt.  However, in many cases the pain will be delayed and won’t appear for several hours or days after the accident.  When you are in an accident, you want to relax and take it easy.  Your body will need to rest and heal.